Woman Scream: International Poetry by Women Call for Submission

The Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer®) cause, open its first international call for poetry written by women. Woman Scream events have always welcome all gender voices, but to celebrate our 10th anniversary of creation, we will be creating a special edition anthology related to the SCREAM as a mean of expression, from a female point of view.

Woman Scream in its altruistic work that gathers all art during the month of march, to raise awareness about women/girls’ rights and against abuse prevention.

We will be selecting the submitted poems based on quality, relevance to the subject and originality. We hope to receive poetry from women whose words break the silence and reach into the hearts of those who cannot speak up. We are looking for an intimate, personal SCREAM.

This book will be edited by our Rosado Fucsia editorial project, and will be available for printing on demand worldwide through Amazon, if anyone wishes to buy a printed copy as a form of donation to our cause, please feel welcome.

We will have no contact with the submitting poets, except the chosen ones. The list of selected poets will be published on the blog or in our Facebook Page as Woman Scream Festival. Please follow us for further details.





-Must be 18 years old or older to participate.

-Send ONE poem * in English, that speaks about the power of a SCREAM, as a mean of liberation, expression, healing or relief, from a female point of view (Please try not to entitle it “Woman Scream”.

The submitting poets should understand that our project is a platform for a diverse range of readers and follower so, we don’t accept offensive material. Doesn’t matter if the poem has already been published or not.

-Extension will be between one to three pages (max.)

-You must send written authorization for publication (See format indicated in point II of this call).


II -Format:


-You must send 2 (two) files with the following, in the same order indicated:

• File 1:

·       Contact email (please double check that its correct)

·       Your name

·       Country where you’re from

·       Short biography (3 lines max.)

·       Title and submitted poem

Format of the poem: Word file, Times New Roman letters, size 12, single spacing. (We will not accept poems written in ALL CAPS).


• File 2:

(Format PDF) It must contain this authorization note:

I (name and legal ID number) understand that I authorize the Fundación Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI, Inc, the Woman Scream cause, and the Grito de Mujer® brand, to publish and promote my submitted material in any virtual, digital, or printed way for the promotion and distribution of the published anthology. This by no means implies that I’ll be receiving royalties or rewards for this. I also understand that this way, I am contributing to the Woman Scream altruistic and nonprofit projects. I understand that I keep all rights of my work, and I will be able to publish it where I desire once it has been selected.

(We reserve the right of admission of works that do not meet these requirements).


III -Mailing your poem:


• Submission will only be accepted by email sent to: WomanScream(@)gmail(.)com

Subject: WS Contest.

(You will receive an automatic email as the only confirmation of reception. Please do not save this email to your contacts. We will be deactivating it once the call ends, please do not send SPAM).


IV – Expiration:


This call will expire Sunday, February 25, 2020 at 12 p.m. local time. Material submitted after that date will be dismissed.

Thanks for participating!

It is fair to clarify that Woman Scream is a volunteer cause. We are not an editing company nor books printing company. Participation is free, we cover all design costs and make this books to meet and promote new women poets of talent and give them a space, whenever possible, in the events and calls of our cause. We don't buy your author rights, participation in a beautiful book to serve a cause is our reward. Thank you for your support!

Woman Scream 10th Anniversary!



Woman Scream 2019 -We have been heard!

Woman Scream 2019-Barcelona, Spain

The submissive, are not as many! The humbles, the despised, marginalized, harassed and humiliated, today have raised their hands, and their voices. We have raised our SCREAM against the wind. We have flown towards the emancipation of our voices, without pausing our wings. We have burst the silence... we have been heard!

Woman Scream 2019-Ireland

On Monday 18th of march, 2019, the city of Cork in Ireland, celebrated for the first time, an event part of the 9th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival. It was celebrated at the Hayloft Bar at the Long Valley, Winthrop St, coordinated by  Ó Bhéal’s.

The invited guest for Woman Scream 2019 was poet Raina J. León, member of the Carolina African American Writers Collective, has been published in numerous journals as a writer of poetry, fiction and nonfiction.  She is the author of three collections of poetry, Canticle of Idols, Boogeyman Dawn, and sombra: (dis)locate (2016) and the chapbook, profeta without refuge (2016).  She has received fellowships and residencies with Macondo, Cave Canem, CantoMundo, Montana Artists Refuge, the Macdowell Colony, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Vermont Studio Center, the Tyrone Guthrie Center in Annamaghkerrig, Ireland and Ragdale.  She also is a founding editor of The Acentos Review, an online quarterly, international journal devoted to the promotion and publication of Latinx arts.  She is an associate professor of education at Saint Mary's College of California.
Ó Bhéal is Cork’s weekly poetry event held every Monday night, featuring poetry-films, a poetry challenge, guest poet(s) and an open-mic for original poetry.  This event was marked as their #600. 

You can listen to Raina’s reading on Woman Scream 2019 HERE

Woman Scream 2019-Australia-Perth

Weep. Scream. Laugh. Bond. The Perth Woman Scream event, held on the 9th of March 2019 at the Moon Café in Northbridge, Western Australia had it all.

Ably hosted by the young emerging poet Maddy Godfrey, the all-female five feature poets and two supporting poets covered a huge spectrum of age, class and experience, as it relates to gender. The poets were Tangoma Sendama, Chase Houghton, Luka Buchanan, Rose Van Son, Rashida Murphy and Georgia Hooper. Anne Norman offered an appeasing shakuhachi performance and haiku.  The poetry presented included topics such as family, power dynamics, identity, racism and solidarity. 

A spokesperson from one of Western Australia’s peak poetry bodies later stated, “It was a really great day and those poets who attended read to an appreciative audience.”

With sixty male and female audience members in attendance, an audience member was heard to say, “The windows into the lives of the poets were fascinating and it made me proud to be a woman.” 

The audience present showed their appreciation with donations. Leanne Baron, CEO of the women’s refuge Starick House, finished the event by accepting a sum for over $550 for the domestic violence shelter.

Woman Scream March 9th was full of screams for freedom.

Tineke Van der Eecken
Event co-ordinator, WA Poets Inc

Report submitted on behalf of the co-ordinating committee, including Christine Della Vedova and Zan Ross. Photos by Coral Carter

Woman Scream 2019-London-UK

The Canvas Café E1 located in 42 Hanbury Street, E1 5JL, London-UK, has hosted its very own poetry/performance open mic night as part of the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2019, Under the theme of 'I Scream for Me'.

Woman Scream 2019-Connecticut-USA

The National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. has been taking part of the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival since 2013, this year for the 9th edition of this event, Connecticut has celebrated with a venue honoring women, under the motto “I scream for me”. The event took place last Saturday March 30, 2019, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at the The Licia & Mason Beekley Community Library, 10 Central Avenue, New Hartford, CT. It was hosted by Colin Haskins, Woman Scream Ambassador for New England & Debbie T. Kilday.

The featured artists were: Viviana Duncan NYC Beat Poet Laureate 2017-2019, Darlene Asmarah Fernandez CT Beat Poet Laureate 2018-2020, Elizabeth Fontaine and Tchalla Williams. The music was courtesy of Izikhotane with Tom Crean.

The act was followed by an + Open Mic, where all local artists and poets were welcomed. Among the participants were: Viviana Duncan, Fran Sea, Jessica Brooke, Molly, Philby, Naomi,  among others.
Light Refreshments were be served at the end. Books and other merchandise were available to the public as a way to support the event.

Woman Scream, (Grito de Mujer) is a worldwide chain of events celebrated in March, where institutions, poets and artists of different countries volunteer to honor women, sending messages of self-esteem, respect, and rising voices against women violence through different artistic manifestations and themes.

Woman Scream 2019-Macedonia

Source in Macedonian by Ljupco Jolevski HERE

With the participation of many artists, on March 28, in the Public Room in Skopje, Macedonia, the 9th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2019, was celebrated for the fourth time, which is a worldwide chain of events where the public's voice is raised against violence against women.

Woman Scream 2019-Greece

Our event is officially part of this world festival.Woman Scream and our event also support the National Beat Poetry Festival (NBPF), having already honored the founding poet of Woman Scream Jael Uribe as the 2nd International Beat Poet Laureate 2018 and organizing an honorary event for Woman Scream its headquarters in Connecticut this March. Chryssa Velissariou, a physicist elected to the Municipality of Larissa and a poet, the coordinator of the Greek Woman Scream event in Athens with co-organizers the Arts Club "Elefsis and Hydrani" and "Nikolaos Mantzaros" Conservatory, was the 1st International Beat Poet  Laureate in NBPF 2017. 

In the framework of the 9th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival and the 10th National Beat Poetry Festival (NBPF), our event took place in the event's hall of "Elefsis and Hydrani" on the first Monday of March 2019 (March 4, 2019) with a distinctive title, as suggested by Woman Scream for this year "I scream for me".


Kasimatis Nikolaos Greeting on behalf of the artistic association "Elefsis and Hydra"
Chryssa Velissariou  Woman Scream coordinator's speech and performance of her poem "I scream for Me" especially written for the event.
Katerina Skintzi-Hadoulou  recites Katerina Angelaki-Rouk (1st honored poet)
Katerina Angelaki-Rouk  recites Katerina Angelaki-Rouk
Chryssa Velissariou recites Ismini Liossi (2nd Honored Poet)
Ismini Liossi recites Ismini Liossi
Maria Gouma recites Zoe Karelli
Soso Koliveri recites Matsi Chatzilazarou
Katerina Koliofoti recites Katerina Gogou
Maria Florou recites Coralia Theotoka 
Ismini Liossi recites Sarah Kane
Chryssa Velissariou recites Leda Ventoura (tribute to her memory)


Soprano Efi Dimetrelou
Harpsichord Julie Ventura
"Prelude Allemande suite no 1 re mineur"
Elisabeth /Claude Jaquet de la Guerre
"Que si puo fare"
Barbara Strozzi
"Dido's lament"
Purcell from Dido and Aeneas opera

"Stars'material" Aria on the poetry of Chryssa Velissariou
Composer: Pavlos Ventouras
Composed especially for the event
"Music swims back to me"  on a poem of Anne Sexton
Composer: Pavlos Ventouras
"You Do not Love Me" poetry Dionysios Solomos
Composer: Teo Spathis

2nd PART


The hall was full of people and during the whole event which lasted 7-10.30pm. The event was promoted before the event through phone calls and fb and it has disseminated through fb to Greek and International Groups.

Woman Scream 2019-Ghana

On the 3rd March, 2019, we celebrated the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2019 commemorating International Women's Day, on behalf of the Ghana Association of Writers, with poetry reading on the theme of "I scream for me". We also had poems on the struggles women go through and the young women forced into early marriages. 

We were also blessed to have the prescence of the late President Kwame Nkrumah's daughter Samia Nkrumah who spoke about the first 10 women to enter parliament in 1960 when women were not active in politics. 

Discussions on topics  raised were handled and we were reminded not to forget issues discussed when the Women's Day was over but to make our voices heard and constantly press for change. The day also coincided with the launch of Read a Ghana Book Month to encourage reading by all.  

The President of the Ghana Association of Writers,Nana Kwasi Gyan Apenteng welcomed us all and was happy with the participation of so many women,with support from the men.

Mariska Taylor-Darko
Poet and Writer

Woman Scream 2019-Norway

 (Litteraturhus Lillehammer)

Source:  HERE

Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2019 (Grito de Mujer) was celebrated last march 6 2019, 17 hours at Litteraturhus Lillehammer, Norway.  The event was coordinated by the writer Victoria Bo  on behalf of the Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI, Inc. (Women Poets International Movement) based at the Dominican Republic. Woman scream was hosted in collaboration with Den norske Forfatterforening and Norsk Litteraturfestival.

Full house and responsive audience at the Woman Scream festival in Lillehammer this week. Snow weather didn't stop for the many who found their way to the Woman Scream event at Litteraturhus Lillehammer on Wednesday. The Norwegian Literature Festival in collaboration with DnF put freedom of expression for women on the agenda with a Norwegian version of the festival which now takes place in 34 countries in March.

Protest speech and taboos.

The Danish author Lone Aburas had taken the trip from Copenhagen and was the first reader on stage with her book published in Norwegian under the title "It is an I who speaks", which the author has called a "political and poetic protest speech". Hanne Ørstavik, Helene Guåker and Camara Lundestad Joof read from fresh books before Ørstavik and Guåker talked to Cathrine Strøm, among other things about writing in different genres and about writing an I, sisterhood and breaking the silence taboos about gender and gender expression.


Fury and racism.

The theme of this year's festival is "I scream for me". In the call to this year's festival it says: "This is a call for respect for millions of women who have fallen into desperation because of violence, sexual harassment, lack of self-esteem and lack of respect from some parts of society." In discussion with Carline Tromp from Klassekampen, Aburas and Lundestad spoke Joof about love, identity and rage in the face of everyday racism. And Lundestand Joof received spontaneous applause from a packed hall for the call that every day should be March 8!

Among the participant writers we got:  Marit Borkenhagen (Norsk Litteraturfestival), Hanne Ørstavik, Carline Tromp, Lone Aburas, Camara Lundestad Joof, Helene Guåker, Victoria Bo (@Forfatterforeningen) and Cathrine Electricity.

We learned that there is a lot of love in rage and anger, both on your own and other's behalf And there is solidarity in reading and listening to one another: this burden you will not carry alone. And violence still exists, they only arise in a little other arenas than before. thank you for a wonderful evening with wise, important and engaged conversations and reading! Thank you to all of you who came and listened to - and cheered! We're going for a new round next year!

Woman Scream Festival was first organized in 2011 by the poet and human rights defender Jael Uribe, and has since been hosted worldwide. In 2016, Uribe received the Author's Freedom of Expression Award.

Interview with Victoria Bø about Woman Scream 2019 Norway

Wednesday March 6 you can experience the international Woman Scream Festival - in Lillehammer, Norway

(Source HERE)

Victoria Bø is not only a board member of Norwegian Authors Union (Den norske Forfatterforening), a member of the International Committee, and also a novelist. She is personally involved in the movement Woman Scream Festival, and will soon settle on regional train R10 or R11 to Lillehammer. To go to Lillehammer tomorrow, Wednesday 6 March, is generally recommended to anyone interested in literature or gender equality. Why? We took a chat with Victoria Bø about what is happening tomorrow, Wednesday 6 March at Lillehammer.


Now the Woman Scream festival is being arranged for the second time in Norway. What exactly is this for?

This is a grass roots festival that began in the Dominican Republic in 2011 The author association is involved and arranges the festival together with the Norwegian Literature Festival and the Literature House in Lillehammer. There will be literary readings, literary conversation and debate on freedom of speech. 

One asks: How is it to be a woman in Norway and Denmark today, which channels exist to say, require change?


Aha, so even though the festival originates in the Dominican Republic, then Norwegian and Danish conditions will be under the magnifying glass. What kind of relationship do you have in Norway and Denmark that could be a topic?

I am excited about what the participants at the festival will say about being a woman in our Nordic societies today and about the right and the opportunity to express themselves on behalf of others and with different font expressions. Every year, Woman Scream has a theme that is common to all the festivals around the world. This year it is "I scream for me". But Woman Scream does not shout on behalf of itself. The festival screams on behalf of women all over the world, including those who have no public voice. What Norwegian and Danish authors think is most important in such a context is exciting to listen to.

Woman Scream 2019 Oslo, Norway

You must hold an introduction before the Woman Scream Festival. What are you going to talk about?

Woman Scream is an important festival that focuses on freedom of expression, especially for women. And freedom of speech is promoted and celebrated through artistic expressions, especially literature. I want to support this. This festival gives Norwegian authors and the Norwegian literature public an opportunity to support writers elsewhere in the world. We can show solidarity with women who experience violence and limitations in freedom of expression. For now, the festival has been arranged in more than 70 countries. Not bad for a small grassroots festival. I'm going to talk about that during the opening.


What does the word grass root festival really mean?

Well, it is an expression that shows that the festival has emerged from "grass roots", that is, it was started by a female poet and a woman-shaker activist and has been pursued by volunteer writers and art lovers all over the world.


The goal is to continue this festival. What does it take to make it happen?

Public support that could provide the opportunity to extend the festival to several cities and would often be in collaboration with several literature houses would be great!

It is about solidarity because it is possible to arrange this festival in Norway, and more difficult to arrange in other countries.


What do those who have started this movement say about the importance of what is happening in Norway?

Jael Uribe, Dominican poetess and advocate of freedom of speech, won the Author's Freedom of speech prize in 2017. It was she who started the festival in 2011. It is my impression that the prize from Norway meant a lot to her and her work and that she is delighted that the festival is now also celebrated in Norway.

Jael Uribe recieves Freedom of Expression Awards 2016, Oslo Norway

What about you personally?

I was inspired to support this festival when I met Jael Uribe during her Norwegian visit two years ago. She told strong stories about violence and difficulties for female writers in many countries. Especially the story of the Mexican poet Susana Chavez who was found killed by one hand cut off, possibly because she was an author, made an impression. Freedom of speech is an area The author association works with in different ways and Woman Scream is a measure I am concerned about supporting. Hope there are many who take the trip to the Literature House in Lillehammer on Wednesday!

05 March - 2019

Woman Scream 2019 Athens Greece

The Womam Scream Festival +NBPF event was celebrated on mach 4 in Athens Greece. It was a complete success. The little theater Elefsis & Hydrani was full and the whole program lasted from 7pm to 10.30pm.

A great hug of poetry and opera dedicated to women poets and composers one of them was with us and composed just for the event an aria on a poem of Anne Sexton, an aria on my poem Star Dust and another on a poem of our great national poet Dionysios Solomos.

Many poem on the violence against women were also recited. Famous Greek Poetesses or not. Two great Greek poetesses still alive came, and present to the event were honored: Mrs Katerina Aggelaki Rouk and Mrs Ismini Liosi.

I am so happy I opened the event by SCREAMING for the sake of me and every still fighting woman on this Earth.

Chryssa Velissariou
#womanscream2019 #Greece #Athens