Woman Scream 2019 | Call for Volunteers | Coordinators

-Please apply for guidelines first, upon acceptance.
-Woman Scream is only celebrated during march, no events out of March will be accepted. 
-We are seeking for events that represent the message delivered by our cause, not just quantity. 
-Please apply only if interested in taking part. 
-List of confirmed cities will be updated until Feb. 15th 2019 when we will end this call for futher coordination acceptance (Make sure to confirm your events for general calendar by then). 

Woman Scream 2015 La Plata, Argentina

Join the Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer) worldwide call for event coordinators and social mission of the Women Poets International Movement (Movimiento Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI, Inc.). From its headquarters at the Dominican Republic, the MPI holds an annual call for cultural projects, poets and artists who wish to join the worldwide chain of Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival, with events during the month of March each year. For March 2019, its ninth edition, Woman Scream Festival will be under the motto "I scream for me", a scream of the self-esteem and respect for millions of women sunk in despair due to abuse, sexual harassment, lack of self-esteem, and disregarding of certain sectors of society. 

Every woman has the right to get up and be strong, so we launch this new call for institutions, cultural groups, poets and artists who wishes to join this 9th. Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival: "I scream for me", to be celebrated in many countries from March 1 to March 31, 2019, as a chain of worldwide simultaneous events created by volunteer collaborators who share the cause.

If you want to be part and coordinating a Woman Scream 2019 event in your city, mail us via the contact section of this page, our website www.gritodemujer.com and send us your proposal for consideration to receive and accept the WS guidelines.

Woman Scream is a cause about solidarity, it has hundreds of altruistic collaborators in several cities around the world, they join hands, energy and resources to help us carry our message in favor of those who truly need it. Learn about who we are and become part of our project.


Woman Scream 2013, National Theater, Dominican Republic

Woman Scream, (Grito de Mujer)
is a worldwide chain of events celebrated in March, where institutions, poets and artists of different countries volunteer to honor women, sending messages of self-esteem, respect and rising voices against women violence through different artistic manifestations and themes.  It includes free events for the public such as: Conferences, art exhibits, poetry recitals, concerts, fairs, theater presentations, films, etc.

Woman Scream festival has been celebrated in over 70 countries since 2011, with over 800 successful events coordinated by volunteers. Woman Scream started at the Dominican Republic and spread throughout the world thanks to the volunteer work of women and men who have joined the coordination team on their cities.

Your can be one of them too. JOIN THE CAUSE!

1st International Encounter with WS followers and coordinators (Madrid 2016)

2dn WS International Encounter 2018, Mexico City and Toluca


Thanks for your support, help us spread the word. :)